Tafsir E Kabir Bangla Pdf Download

Introduction Tafsir e Kabir is a book written in the year 1300 by the famous Sufi philosopher, thinker, and poet Maulana Muhammad Kabir. Some historians believe that he was born around 1200 AD in Indian Punjab. Kabir passed away on March 7, 1258 AD in Damascus after which his tomb was constructed at Damascus called Khaneqah-e-Kabiriya. He is buried in the same tomb that has many holy relics of Islamic saints buried with him. He had nine children with two wives and one of them being Maimoona who spread his teachings through her poetry after his death. Kabir is famous among Muslims for his writings in Persian and Urdu, in which he has mentioned heaven, hell, what happens when you die, the Hadith of Angels in detail in his classic book "Tateeka-e-Namah" (Renewal of Namah), the Islamic Ethics (Sharaat e Namah), his style has been praised by many. Most of his works are written in Persian and Urdu. The well known friend and disciple of Kabir named Muhammad bin Sadique Al-Kashmiri copied this book to Arabic language. The book is divided into six chapters (mezan) : 1286 pages (tafsir kabir). I. The Opening Chapter In this chapter he mentions the greatness of Allah and gives a detailed account of the story of creation from the time Allah created Adam to Abraham to Jesus, ending with Muhammad. Kabir also mentions his name being written in The Throne of Allah before his birth. In the end he praises Allah and thanks him for allowing him to carry out this great task. II. The First Mezan (The Resurrection) This mezan contains a detailed account of Day of Judgment and what happens after death while going through resurrection process. He mentioned that the dead people will be resurrected in their respective graves. III. The Second Mezan (Al-Najm - The Star) Kabir mentions about Al-Najm star, saying that all the seven heavens are full of happiness at the arrival of new born baby on earth. God adorned everyone with happiness on birth of his beloved Prophet Muhammad. He says that Allah has given him this great honour to be the first person to see him after his birth and also ask forgiveness for him from his sins. All angels praised God for sending his greatest servant on earth. Kabir mentions that there are hundreds of blessings in every way in the human heart. IV. The Third Mezan (The Angels) Kabir says that when Adam prayed to God for forgiveness, God granted him an answer in the form of an Angel. He then goes on to describe what angels look like and their glorious messenger who came to teach man good manners and values. V. The Fourth Mezan (The Five Pillars) Kabir describes the Five Pillars; Zakat, Salat, Hajj, Sadaqah and Jihaad. He also talks about three categories of people; the ignorant, the believers and the eloquent people (who follow Islamic education).


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